The Patron Saint's Festival of San Vito Begins

Today starts the week of the one of the most important anniversaries for Polignano, and for sure the most ancient, the patron saint's festival of San Vito, very venerated by in the town. There will be several events religious and civilians between the 14th to the 16th of June.

The veneration of the Saint derives from the presence in our area of the relics of him, which have moved, together with the remains of the martyrs Modesto and Crescenza, by the princess Fiorenza from the outlet of the river Sele to the "Porto Mariano", the present village San Vito in the 9th Century.

To remember the event, on the 14th of June there will be the suggestive procession by sea that will start by San Vito and will arrive to "Cala Paura" at 9 p.m.